Federation of Illyria

June Ravos

Name June Ravos

Position Exoatmospheric and Space Affairs Advisor

Character Information

Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Fluid
Age 36
Date of Birth January 14, 2064
Place of Birth Asheville, NC
Religion None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 135
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Fit for her age
Black hair down to her shoulders
Piercing, but occasionally soft eyes
Light, sun-kissed skin


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Daniel
Mother Kendra
Brother(s) Jack
Sister(s) None
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview A sweet hearted mountain girl with a rough side when those she cares about are threatened.
Ambitions To develop colonies beyond Mars
Maintain Illyria control of colonies
Lead Illyrian colonies in the future
Hobbies & Interests Hiking
Building battle bots for competition
Reading history

History TBD