Federation of Illyria

President Alison Blanchard

Name Alison Noelle Alecia Blanchard

Position President

Rank President

Character Information

Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Age 35
Date of Birth May 1st, 2064
Place of Birth Nice, France, Federation of Illyria
Religion Roman Catholic

Physical Appearance

Height 1.70m
Weight 50kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel Blue
Physical Description Alison has a slim body with hourglass like features, due to her mixed heritage she has a darker skin colour than most caucasians. Her black hair is long, straight and full of volume.


Father Joseph Blanchard (Adoptive)
Mother Lois Elliot (Adoptive)
Brother(s) Emmanuel Blanchard (Adoptive/Elder)
Christophe Blanchard(Twin)
Sister(s) Chelsea Blanchard (Adoptive/Younger)
Hellen Blanchard (Adoptive/Younger)

Personality & Traits